CS-020PodHP Center Stage System

CDT Stage Enhancement Technology Proudly Announces CenterStage™


In the world of high-end audio the terms imaging and staging refer to the complex sonic interaction of two or more speakers to produce a quality of spatial illusion in the sound field. This means sound sources are heard to be in a certain place and perspective as perceived realistically. In the AutoSound world this imaging is rarely achieved in any precisely consistent way.

CS-020PodHP Center Stage System
CS-020PodHP Center Stage System

Technical specs and contents
  • 1 unit dual 2" Hybrid wide range Center Stage speaker set
  • 1 pr PodHP 250Hz High-pass crossovers
  • System frequency response: 250Hz-20,000Hz.
  • Power Handling: 200WRMS
  • Impedance: 4 ohms


Price (incl. warranty)

Special Promo
Price this month:

Reg. $350.00

The CenterStage™ ultra range 2" mid-Tweeters are driven with an image-correcting signal at a reduced level with a blending module that interfaces directly with the power amplifier. Working in conjunction with the existing right and left mounted mid-Tweeters - ultimately including extra CDT Upstage mid-Tweeters - driver and passenger are each provided personally centered staging and imaging.

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