CF-2iPod DVC Centerstage system™

Sound Stage Above The Dash!

CDT Stage Enhancement Technology Proudly Announces

The impact of CF-2iPodDVC is immediately obvious – the voices and instruments seem to magically take shape in a seamless sound stage directly ahead above the dash. The result is to create a listening experience that is much more like the experience of attending the live event – the musicians and sound sources seem to be arrayed in front of you as if you were sitting at the live concert first row. Several psycho-acoustic effects need to be accomplished in order for this to work so well.


You will experience more overall detailed sound and staging above the dash, more open and clear vocals, snappier and tighter mid-bass response, and more. The CF-2iPodDVC system consist of a 2” DVC Hybrid wide range mid- tweeter with range from 250Hz-20,000Hz. You wire the CF-2iPodDVC directly to your left and right front speaker channels. The system ships with crossovers and volume control so you can gradually raise the sound stage and make a perfect blend with your existing door sound system.

CF-2iPod DVC

The  CF2iPodDVC Hybrid accent fill speaker pod is also available in several custom colors to match your vehicle interior.

Optional: Aluminum front bezel, cost $30.00

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CF-2iPod DVC
Centerstage system

Technical specs and contents

  • Frequency response: 250Hz-20,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 86dB
  • Power handling:HPF 250Hz 100WRMS 
  • Magnet: Neodymium 
  • Voice coil: 1.0” (25mm)
  • Surround: Rubber
  • Frame: Cast aluminum
  • Cone: Fabric/paper carbon reinforced
  • Impedance 2X4 Ohms: DVC (dual voice coil) 
  • Cone surround: rubber
  • Injection molded speaker Pod
  • 1 e/a LP-1 Volume blending control unit
  • 1 pair Pod-HP high pass crossovers
  • Dimensions:
    Width: 2.5in (62mm)
    Height: 2 5/8in (65mm)
    Depth: 2 1/8in (56mm)
Price (incl. warranty)


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