CDT Audio Tweeters

and hybrid mid-tweeter systems, superior even at the highest sound levels.

Sweet and smooth upper energy sound

CDT Audio Tweeter systems are virtually transient-perfect ferromagnetic oil-cooled finned tweeter drivers with the smoothest, most gently contoured, and pleasant sounding marvels. They are ideal for use in any position where they fit. The CDT tweeters are optimized for all automotive sound systems and of course integrate perfectly with other CDT mid-woofer components and crossovers.

CDT 2" hybrid mid/tweeters incorporating a new parametric blend in an affordable package that puts sweet midrange with incredible detail in your vehicle locations simply and easily. Suitable for enclosed or free air use in your vehicle, these hybrid drivers provide full and rich extended midrange down to 150Hz, up to a tweeter top end frequency of 20,000Hz.

If your listening tastes are for superior midrange detail with a sweet and smooth upper tweeter sound, these drivers provide optimum extended range, a wider frequency range than any other driver on the market.
These new hybrid marvels are a unique 2" mid/tweeter; you get both mid and tweeter all in one driver with more and wider dispersion at the highest frequencies than any 25mm dome tweeter.

HSD-1WG Horn Soft Dome Tweeter HSD-1WG Horn Soft Dome Tweeter

CDT Audio ES-02 ES-02
2" Hybrid Mid/Tweeter driver all in one
CDT Audio ES-02A ES-02A
2” Hybrid Aluminum cone wide range mid-tweeter.
Aluminum anodized bezel.

CRM-1200 CRM-1200
1.1” Dome tweeter frequency response 1500Hz-50,000Hz w/superior unique off axis response.
Black Bezel 2" Hybrid Wide range mid/tweeter driver all-in-one
2" hybrid mid/tweeter
2" hybrid mid/tweeter, including Pod-HP  high-pass crossover and volume control.
ES-1200iS Pod
Transparent “Pod design" silk dome frequency response 1500Hz-50,000Hz and ultra wide dispersion.
Transparent silk dome frequency response 1500Hz-50,000Hz and ultra wide dispersion.
HD-2 HD-2
2" Hybrid wide Range (200Hz-20,000Hz) 2" mid-tweeter driver all in one
HD-2 HD-2X
2" Hybrid wide Range (200Hz-20,000Hz) 2" mid-tweeter driver all in one, including Pod-HP  high-pass crossover and volume control.
HD-100 LP-1
Tweeter volume control unit
Black Anodized Aluminum Bezel
1 e/a ES-02DVC Hybrid wide range mid-tweeter driver
HD-100 ES-02C/DVC
1 e/a ES-02C/DVC 2" Custom Hybrid Wide range mid-tweeter driver
HD-100 TW-26
1.1" Soft Dome Tweeter Ferro fluid cooling
ES-02C ES-02C
Custom Installers 2" Hybrid Mid/Tweeter driver all in one
1 pr ES-02C Custom Wide range mid-tweeter driver

Bright Sound Compensator
No More Bright Sound!  

WS-100i WS-100i
1 pr w-100i 1.1" silk dome UpStage image tweeter
DRT-20 DRT-20
Audiophile 20mm swivel design silk dome tweeter
DRT-25 DRT-25
1" silk dome tweeter
1" silk modular tweeter system
ES-10 ES-010
Audiophile 26mm soft fabric dome tweeter

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