(Ultra-flexible) 2/3-way compact Mid-woofer E.Q. Crossover

MX-1000 (Ultra-flexible)
2/3-way compact Mid-woofer E.Q. crossover

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MX-1000 Review

It has been long overdue but CDT has finally answered the crowd of us users! I was presented with a pair of a new breed of 3/2 way xover to try out from CDT. Since the release of the HD-300cc adjustable 3/2 way xover (which is a great unit) CDT has taken that design even further. The new MX-1000 Ultra flexible 3/2 way xover (MX-1000UF32X for short) has been added to there ever growing impressive line up. The xovers arrived in a simple packaging (nothing fancy as these are not yet released) with full detailed instructions. The xovers design is based on the HD-300cc housing but is far more loaded with features. This xover will allow the user to fully tune there passive system via the xover boards tappers.

The MX-1000UF32X is not just your basic passive 3/2 way xover with tappers for each driver for simple attenuation. This unit was designed to alter the freq points for the drivers directly from the board, giving the user the ability to adjust the xover point to a specific cars/drivers liking for ideal results. Its design is intended for there new 2" midrange/tweeter offerings in 2 way mode or any 2"-4" midrange in 3 way mode. The main goal is keeping things small giving users excellent adjustability in a compact solution. Looking over the MX-1000UF32X it is a totally solid built peace.

This passive will never give that annoying tweeter turn off at high volume or will fail do to high power applications. The smallest caps used on the boards is 250v with them going as high as 400v. This unit is made to not only perform but last a life time! I have a full blown active setup in one of my trucks now and it is an amazing sounding vehicle.

It cost me a lot of money and time to get it sounding perfect. I changed things around and used the MX-1000 in this same vehicle and the results where pretty close! When doing a high end active setup especially 3 way you will spend a lot more money on amps and processors. Also the amount of time you will invest to tune it right is also something to consider. For a cheaper alternative I have never seen, heard of, or used something as good as the MX-1000.

It provides the user with active control in a passive solution! This xover is also a winner for a 2 way setup using a high xmax mid-bass driver like the M6+ and 06+ and a mid/tweeter like the ES-02 and HD-2. You can get all the mid-bass you want now along with great midrange and top end performance in a 2 way setup. All it will take is some time to adjust the xover to best suite your car and its done. So if your game is to build a killer 2 way or an ultimate 3 way setup and you want the ease of install and the adjustability of an active setup for less money, The MX-1000 proves to be a great solution.

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