Complete UpStage Crossover!
Create a superior live event listening experience in vehicles of all types!
This compact “UpStage” Ready Xover Module

implements the image enhancing upstage system while holding complexity to an absolute minimum. This versatile crossover module implements the ES-200US two-way crossover with large high quality parts or alternately may be programmed to drive an upstage high-mounted second Tweeter.

This dual functionality is jumper selectable. In simple two-way mode the tapped inductor design. Dual jumpers moved together change the crossover to upstage mode. In the upstage mode the drive to the mid-woofer and Tweeter are tapered off to interface with the upstage Tweeter. This tapering is adjustable with three “L” settings and two “C” settings. This alters the crossover frequency and response shape (damping).

The image Tweeter furthermore has seven selectable levels available. Upstage crossover is typically at 8kHz. Main Tweeter crossover is transient optimized at 3.7kHz. No protectors are used.

ES-200US Complete "UpStage" Crossover

Technical specs and contents

  • 1 pr ES-200US Upstage design built-in 24dB Elliptic
    2-way crossovers
  • Input for amp
  • Input for woofer
  • Input for main tweeter
  • Input for UpStage image tweeter

Price (incl. warranty)

Price: $299.99

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