CDT AUDIO Testimonials- What they say

Your speakers are the best! I have sold quite a few now , and have come to a conclusion that they are the best sets I have ever heard. I will be ordering soon , as soon as I get my insurance check , my shop was broken into Tuesday night , and sure enough my last set of 6.5 "CDT's were stolen ,as well as the Cambria 6x9"s , they must have heard them also... they got quite a few items , and I hope they don't do it again. I do have a better alarm system now. I need to do more to assure this wont happen again.

Dear Stephen at CDT,

I just wanted to let you know that my customer just installed the speakers and he is absolutely thrilled with the quality. He is totally amazed with the imaging and their perfect crispness.
Thanks again for an incredible product.
Thanks, Jonathan Ewen
Sweet Audio

Hello Stephen at CDT Audio - Happy New Year!!

Today (1/10/01) I had one of my installers install a set of HD62DT component system in my Mercedes, I want to tell you something, Everything you said about The CDT Audio Speaker is TRUE!!! I am writing this to confirm what you had said, They are the most unbelievable speaker I have ever heard!! We are going to outfit a 1957 Chevrolet 2DR.sedan Wagon with the CDT Audio Speakers and send it on the road through out Florida showing everyone in it's path the CDT Audio Performance. Please call me as soon as you have a chance ,I would like to place another order.
Thank you Don Messina Auto & Truck Electronics


I purchased the HD-642st the other day. They are halfway installed in my car, I have not started the fiberglass kick panels. With the speakers on the floor and 25 watts a channel, they are still the most impressive components I have ever heard. The 6.5s are amazing, I cannot believe that a speaker that small could produce that much bass with amazing clarity. Your component set, I believe, has made my equalizer obsolete.
Daniel Dudley Bayfield Colorado


Just thought I'd drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoy listening to your HD 52DT's. I find myself taking the long way to my destinations in order to listen to my music. Pat Lee at Pat's Bidboard install my system using a Nakamichi cd player (CD-45z), Nakamichi amp (PA-506) and two Nakamichi 8" subs. The setup with your speaker sound better than my stereo at home.. great job..I am now the envy of all who have the pleasure of sitting or riding in my car..thanks Robert Balansag Hawaii

"Sonic Euphoria"
-These are the first words that come to my mind when thinking of CDT  speakers. Amazingly detailed and beautiful, CDT impresses me every single time. CDT is always my first recommendation to those seeking the best in high-end audio. Since installing a set of HD52DT's in my Supra, I've noticed that I've been driving the car a whole lot more. Thank you CDT for bringing your wonderful product to North America!!

Kevin Zeb @ ZEB

CDT Audio Braxial Speaker System

Build Quality and First Impressions
When I first received the speakers, I noticed the nice, pretty cast baskets. Nice. The Tweeter is mounted on a little recessed half-bridge. The overall build quality of the drivers is definitely up to high standards.
The cast basket is the Euro-type basket, which means it's slightly oversized (170 mm) and has 4 mounting holes instead of the common 6. Most people would have to make custom baffles to fit these drivers, but in my opinion, it's well worth the extra effort.

Michael Kim

Sound Quality and Road Testing
The first thing I noticed about these speakers was the unbelievable amount of midbass. I'm talking about serious, chest-pounding thump at levels so high you'd think you were at a concert. I believe that there are three types of good-sounding midbasses: fat, lean, and attacking. Fat midbass is that soft, deep, warm type, while lean is the type to blend in with the music. Attacking is how I'd describe the CDT's. Definitely one of the best midbasses I've ever heard, it's extremely easy to keep the bass up front when using these.

The second thing that I noticed about these speakers was the unbelievable SPL capability. These speakers are very efficient (the simple mid crossover helps with that, no doubt). When I cranked the volume knob, they just kept getting louder, and louder, until I thought my ears were going to burst. an occasional SPL freak, I was very impressed that this single set of 6.5" components could produce so much sound. These are about as loud as a conventional car loudspeaker will ever get.

The third thing that I noticed was that the speakers sound silky smooth. These speakers are very laid-back, neutral, with all types of music. After fumbling around with the Tweeter polarity a little bit, I found a good combination and the speakers really started to sing, equally impressive with all types of music. However, I thought that they sounded a little soft, especially on female vocals. While the speakers have good detail, it seems like there was a little less "life" in the recording than I' m used to.

For a speaker to have deep extension, high efficiency, and high output is simply outstanding. That covers three major goals that a good speaker designer shoots for, and to have all three in this price range (not to mention ANY price range) is a commendable achievement.

Lastly, the imaging was above par, but not spectacular. I suspect that this has largely to do with the combination of braxial mounting and my speaker locations. I mounted these in the doors of a '98 Nissan Maxima, and if you' ve worked with the car before, you'll know that they have VERY weird grilles, and the speaker opening is a little small for a 6.5". This would probably cause diffraction and reflection problems that would be absent if I have mounted the Tweeter in the kick, or some other unrestricted area. If you have a car that has more ideal door locations, the imaging will probably be improved over my install.

I STRONGLY suggest these speakers to people who want smooth-sounding, loud speakers that keep the bass strongly up front. Those wanting a little more flexibility with Tweeter placement (such as myself) can pick up the component set instead of the braxials.

While the detail can be a little bit lacking, the speakers make up for it in other areas. The total package of brutal SPL capability, overall sound quality, and midbass capability were unreal.

The braxial would be a great choice for drop-in replacement in stealth locations, with good imaging. These speakers work very well with pop, rock, classical, electronic (ESPECIALLY dance), and just about every other genre, they're that flexible.

The components would be a great choice for the serious competitor who needs a little more flexibility, especially in cars like mine where the door locations are not ideal for Tweeters. These speakers are of extremely high quality, and with good tuning and a great install, they could put you in the winner's circle.

Tonality-22/25 (deducted for slightly soft treble)
Imaging-20/25 (deducted for holes in the stage: my car had a lot to do with it)
Extension-15/15 (they go all the way down!
SPL capability- 15/15 (best I've heard with low compression)
Value- 20/20 (in this price range, it kills most others)
Overall-92/100 (unbelievable)

I learned after the testing period that, in the Tweeters, the ridged wires are positive and the smooth wires are negative.

Michael Kim

"The HD series provide superlative imaging, channel separation, midbass output, and maximum SPL. I have yet to hear these speakers bottom out even though I regularly send the midranges 120 watts down to 63 Hz!! Truly a high-end speaker, without the high-end price."

Ashraf Shabudin, Ampman Audio LLC & TeamAMP 

To whom it concerns:
I have been dealing with your customer service department regarding a problem with a set of crossovers I had purchased. I would just like to let you know what a pleasure it has been. They have been overly helpful, courteous and polite to the very end. With most companies it is difficult to even get a live voice on the other end of the phone let alone someone who can actually be of service and in such a timely manner. I appreciate all you have done and look forward to doing business with your company in the future.

Sincerely, Desmon Caldwell

"At first I had my doubt's about the CD Tech's. I thought how can a speaker sound as good as they claim and at such low power. After I heard them I had my mind made up, That's what I am going to run in my car!"


"The best imaging,
and widest sound stage I have heard yet! Even better than Infinity!"


"These speakers made a stock system sound great, that says it all!"

Frank Williams DIGITAL PCS CELLULARONE Technical Service Supervisor office/fax 707-578-2550 portable 707-484-0005 e-mail :

"I love the CDT products, they are the only company that can give great sound to anyone, no matter how deep or  shallow the pockets are."

Terry R Guldin mgr. Cash Converters 510 Kenhorst Plaza Kenhorst Pa 19607

"There just isnt enough that can be said about the CDT components, and there isn't a sound board or a room that can do them justice, they must be heard in a car."

Steve Ledebohm Creative Car-Tunes Mechanicsburg, PA.

"Fantastic imaging characteristics. Ideal, linear, acoustic  accuracy. One of the best component sets I've ever heard, in car or home! If you want the best, most accurate sound,  buy these speakers!"

"there ya go!"
Stephen Stanford
Owner: Custom Car Audio,  Lakewood, NJ.

" of the most natural sounding speakers we've used.  Excellent customer service and support."

John & Rich RSJ Car Audio Ambridge, PA 15003 724.266.0112

"CDTAUDIO provides the most accurate sound staging for the true audio enthusiast. I use the HD-642ST  set in my personal car, and they are awesome."

Frank Stegman

"could quite be one of the best sounding speakers  in the world today"

John I. Dosky Jr. CEO/ Mobile Sound & Security

"We first heard your speakers at CES in Las Vegas.  They presented the closest sound compared to a  'live' performance that we have ever heard!"


"These Component Sets Sound Truly Amazing, dollar  for dollar these can't be beat" Nuff Said


"Being that I have been an avid home audiophile for 22 years, let me just say that the CDT midrange driver is the best I have heard in the car environment. It gets everything right: imaging, dynamics and timber are as real as the Detroit Symphony Orchestra that I visit regularly."

Jeffrey Fream JPFREAM@HOTMAIL.COM Dearborn, MI

"CDT's rule!!!"
Dan Cozza
President Car Audio Center San Luis Obispo CA.

"I had been driving my Volvo for a couple of years listening to music on the tinny Volvo factory stereo, until a friend told me about the Platinum System from CDTAudio. I had always been kind of wary of aftermarket car audio gear. Anyway I recently ordered the system off of the Internet and had it installed in Seattle. Since then, I have not seen my wife or kids in three weeks! I listen to the car stereo every night while I catch up on my work and read books. I even have my meals delivered to the car. Way to go CDT!"

Michael Shafron Seattle WA.

"Imaginable Sound from a Engineered Product" "The art in Sound from imaginable Sight"

True Image Jeff Lostica

"I was impressed with CDTAudio the first time I heard them. There was a large group of us from team ROCS at CES 99 and all of us agreed one of the most impressive sounding vehicles at the show was the CDTAudio Dodge Ram. This used a stock radio!!! I thought if they can do THAT, what can they do with a good system? I bought a demo HD62DT set and installed them in my Probe. I was blown away.

The midbass hammered my chest, the midrange was clear, and the highs were crisp with NO BITE. The only way I can describe the overall sound was "transparent". My car already had great imaging and staging from the drivers seat, it was a very high end system.

These speakers made the difference and gave me that all illusive "perfect" center image from BOTH seats that I had strived so hard for. Even time alignment could not accomplish what these had. In fact once I put them in, I no longer even USED the time alignment! I liked them so much I made a center channel speaker for my home system out of a pair of HD52DTs."

John Spagnolo, Multi Media Xpress Car Audio HTTP://WWW.MMXPRESS.COM

"I got one thing to say about CDTAudio, if the people in Europe think it performs and sounds good [and they do] they're right!"

AJ Pitt of AJ's audio

"At CarStereoWorld.Com, we sell all the "major" brands, however, when it comes to the BEST in "3-way components," we ONLY recommend CDT" Thanks CDTAudio!

Scott Owner of CarStereoWorld.Com

Thanks for the opportunity to sell your wonderful speaker line!


"Absolutely the best sound I've ever heard from from factory locations!"

James Gimenez Car Audio Buyer Sound

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