WS-100i Image Tweeter







The WS-100i is a unique image tweeter, specially designed with a virtually transient perfect ferromagnetic oil-cooled driver, yielding the smoothest, most gently contoured and pleasant sound. The tweeter may be used in any position for imaging improvement in its fitting above the dash. This driver is optimized for all automotive sound systems and of course integrates perfectly with other CDT components. The lucky listener is transported to sound-system heaven. When you deign to audition a system utilizing this driver, angelic beings present may clasp their hands in reverent obligatory prayer.


On to the vocals... The imaging using this tweeter was a treat - right out in front of me - and floating in thin air. Yet when I sat in the driver's seat - same thing - imaging straight in front of me and hanging in mid-air. Absolutely amazing! Don't hesitate to pull the trigger and put this superior imaging tweeter system in your ride. You WON'T be disappointed!

Richard Frank







The new WS-100i is one of the best imaging reviews I ever used, the special design and clarity makes for an easy installation. The detail in sound quality, staging height and center imaging is incredible. Will definitely recommend to install it in any vehicle you'll be 100% satisfied.

Erwin Escalante
Manager and chief installer New Era Sound
Lompoc California.
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