The new wide-band driver designs enable purer system architecture, creating crystal-clear musicality & life-like imaging.

Listen for these qualities:
  • Wide, open spaciousness
  • Tight, accurate center image
  • Clean, clear musical details
  • Bass with snap in it and definition of the lowest notes
  • Accurate, natural vocals

Components and Component Systems:

Wideband Mid-tweeter Component Systems

Check here for combinations of wideband drivers with woofer sizes that best fit your vehicle >>

Wideband System 4BDP

Wideband Mid-tweeter Pod Component Systems

Check here for combinations of wideband pod drivers with woofer sizes that best fit your vehicle >>

Wideband Speaker Drivers

Wideband Speaker Drivers
These highly advanced drivers are mid-tweeter full range and coaxial in design. The coaxial version delicately combine a 2” wide-range driver with a coaxially mounted 3/4” dome tweeter. Handling from 250Hz to above 28kHz, they deliver spacious, open imaging, yet with incredible detail and accuracy. Applications: drop them into any flush mounting: doors, decks, enclosures - they will surprise you with their performance - and the sound of your system.

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Wideband Speaker Pods

Wideband Mid-tweeter Pods
These unique enclosed designs house the remarkable CDT wideband drivers in slick, one-piece pods that have been designed for sound performance and durability. They can easily mount flat on any surface and have been engineered with an angle to them to image perfectly in your system. Or if it’s better for your application, they can be mounted tastefully on a small swivel mount for maximum flexibility.

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MB SL-500 Wideband System 2B

Car Specific:
MB SL-500 Wideband System 2B

with a unique “Dual” individual UpStage center image for passenger and driver >>



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