Classic CL Series
CDT speakers set the standard for car audio performance. We designed our CL-Series speakers to fit in and sound great in anyone’s car.
Pure, true sound as you’ve never heard it before

We made sure to offer lots of possible component combinations, so the listener would have installation options to fit one’s individual needs, and to supply clear, smooth, and accurate highs with no listening fatigue. Start enjoying music on the road like you never dreamed possible. Sound appears where it’s supposed to be:

Upfront and on the beat!

Classic 2-way Component Systems
CL-61 MB CL-61BE
  • 1 pr CL-6BE 6.5” coated carbon reinforced cone subwoofer

Euro Norm 6.5" 2-way 2-way component system
(CL-61.2 - 2 Ohm Version)


CL-51 Euro Norm 5.25" 2-way component system


COM-626 CR 6.5” 2-way component system with Rear Fill Speakers

CL 62

CL-62 6.5" 2-way component system
(CL-62.2 - 2 Ohm Version)

CL 52 CL-52 5.25" 2-way component system
CL 42 CL-42 4" 2-way component system
Convertible 2-way Component Systems

CL-61CV 6.5" 2-way convertible system
(CL-61.2CV - 2 Ohm Version)


CL-51CV Euro Norm 5.25" 2-way convertible system

Ultra Slim Design 2-way Component Systems
CL 62SL CL-62SL 6.25" Ultra Slim 2-way component set
CL 62 CL-42SL 4" Super slim mid-woofer
Ultra Slim Design 3-way Component Systems
CL-642SL CL-642SL 6.25"/4" Super slim woofers
Classic 3-way Component Systems
CL-642 CL-642 6.5"/4" 3-way component system
CL 632 CL-632 6.5"/3" 3-way component system

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