New Breed: HD-800CF GO
2X8” Ultraslim Subwoofers in Optimized Portable Subwoofer Cabinet
High Definition Cast Alloy Audiophile Carbon Fiber Subwoofer Series:

Understanding how the basic design differences influence the new CDT HD-Series subwoofers and how they compare with ordinary subwoofers will enable you and your installer to design a sound system both advancing your listening preferences and exceeding your listening expectations. The HD Carbon Fiber subwoofers are designed for both audiophile & SPL user.

The subwoofers are designed for the smooth jazz listeners who sometimes like to turn the volume up on some heavy rock and metal but still with a feel of smooth tight fast bass response. These engineering masterpieces simultaneously deal with the need to move large amounts of air necessary to overcome the 70+ db. of bass masking road noise in the moving automotive interior, while accurately responding to the delicate changes in the harmonic structure of the music.

HD-1000CF GO


2X8” Carbon Fiber Subwoofer

Technical specs and contents

  • 2 e/a 8” Cast Carbon Fiber Subwoofers
  • Frequency response 30Hz-400Hz
  • Power handling: 200 WRMS (400 watts Pk)
  • Impedance: 4 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 87.36dB
  • Mounting depth: 3.69”
  • Cutout diameter: 7.43”
  • Cast frame: OD 8.27”
  • Cone: Carbon Fiber
  • Magnet weight: 25 oz
  • Cone surround: NB rubber
  • Cabinet dimensions: 24” X 12” X 5.75”
Price (incl. warranty)

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