RAM MST Unity Special Promotion
Music Staging Lifelike Sound System Package
RAM dash speakers Upgrade to Unity8.0 Hybrid mid-tweeter driver

    Simple, easy, amazing!

For the first time ever, Ram owners can enjoy MST Unity Music Staging Technology a true seamless sound stage directly in front of them, up above the dash. A stereo image and a soundstage in their vehicle that is just as deep, wide, and up right in front of driver and passenger. As stable as they are accustomed to at a live concert or from serious high-end home audio speakers. The impact of the CDT Audio MST Unity Music Staging Technology system is immediately obvious – the voices and instruments seem to magically take shape in a seamless sound stage directly ahead over the dash.

The result is to create a listening experience that is much more “lifelike” like the experience of attending the live event – the musicians and sound sources seem to be arrayed in front of you like sitting on the first row in a live concert. You will experience a more overall detailed sound and staging up high above the dash, more open and clear vocals, snappier and tighter mid-bass response and more. You wire the MST system directly to your left and right front speaker channels.

The system ships with crossovers and high-pass crossovers for the dash Unity wide range mid-tweeter driver. Unity driver volume control (optional).

To complete the Upgrade the stock 6X9” woofers are replaced in all 4 doors with CDT CL-69S subwoofers.

The 6X9” subwoofer Upgrade made a stunning difference with improved fast, tight, deep bass response. The stock 6X9” speaker upgrade is a quick and easy installation with just a slight cut in the mounting structure (see image #1) to clear the CL-69S subwoofer magnet. After the quick cut the CL-69S drops right in.

Installation time of all four doors takes about 1 hour for an experienced installer. For an inexperienced installer add about another ½ hour and you are done ready to listen to a stunning sound system upgrade. If you don’t want to do the simple easy cut, just use a ½” spacer adapter.

Read more about Unity8.0 dash Upgrade here>

RAM Car Specific Upgrade Package Special Promotion:
RAM-2CF Center Fill Option Special
Price (incl. warranty)

Promo Price: $499.99

Reg. $650.99
Price (incl. warranty)

Promo Price: $99.99

Reg. $150.00

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Lifelike Music Experience: MST Lifelike sound for Car and Home by CDT Audio
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