CDT Audio Accent Fill Systems
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Testimonial from Happy Accent fill Customer:

Ii got the ES-020i podx installed up front and I ended up installing the CS-020x in the rear, mounted to the roof just behind the center rear head rest. The results are phenomenal!! I underestimated the results- I've upgraded a number of things in the past year, all of which have made a difference, but the accent systems are simply on another level- wish! added these to my systems years ago. Thanks,

This approach adds highlighting to the sonic environment.

These accent fill systems average out acoustic discontinuities in the car’s interior. Inevitably, different spaces where your drivers are installed will favor the closer listener or be altered by interior seating and contours in the car. The CDT Audio solution for these systems is to make the performance as near optimal as possible to all listeners and with all musical material. This is visually analogous to having some light everywhere without glare or shadows. Smooth out the sound in your car today with a CDT Audio Accent Fill System.
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NEW Center Fill Systems:


Horn Soft Dome Accent Fill Upgrade System

CF-2iPod DVC

CF-2iPod DVC Centerstage system

CF-2 CF-2 2" DVC Hybrid Full Range Center Staging Fill System
  • 1 e/a 2" DVC (Dual Voice Coil) Hybrid Full-range Mid-tweeter driver
  • Speaker grill and bezel and mounting hardware included
  • 1 e/a LP-1 Volume blending control unit
CF-3 CF-3 3" DVC Full Range Center Staging Fill System
  • 1 e/a 3" DVC (Dual Voice Coil) Hybrid Full-range driver
  • 1 e/a Speaker grill and bezel assembly
  • 1 e/a LP-1 Volume blending control unit
Accent Fill Systems:
ES-03X ES-03X
Upgrade 3” to a 3-way set (xover and volume included)
ES-020iPod ES-02BLX
Black Bezel 2" Hybrid Wide range mid-tweeter driver all-in-one
ES-020iPodX ES-020iPodX
2" hybrid mid/tweeter, including Pod-HP  high-pass crossover and volume control.
HD-2 HD-2X
2" Hybrid wide Range (200Hz-20,000Hz) 2" mid-tweeter driver all in one, including Pod-HP high-pass crossover and volume control.
AF-256/02AL AF-256/02AL Super range Accent Fill
AF-256/02BL AF-256/02BL Super range Accent Fill
AF-256/03 AF-256/03 Six Octave Accent Fill System
AF-256/20AL AF-256/020 Accent Fill System
AF-256/4 AF-256/4 Six Octave Accent Fill System
CS-020PodHP Center Stage System

CS-020PodHP Center Stage System

  • 1 unit dual 2" Hybrid wide range Center Stage speaker set
  • 1 pr PodHP 250Hz high-pass crossovers

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