The CDT AUDIO Background

CDTAudio created by best musical minds of Europe and the USA
CDT Audio Building For years now, CDT Audio has been a unique blend of European and American design sensibilities. In fact, our corporate background is working behind the scenes as a high end OEM design and engineering firm for other speaker companies.

CDTAudio - created by best musical minds of Europe and the USA
Its really only in the last few years that we've stopped designing for others to concentrate exclusively on ourselves. This was a good decision because our growth has been very strong recently. However no matter how fast, or how much we grow, we will never lose sight of our original goal: to bring together the best musical minds of Europe and America to produce the worlds finest audiophile automotive speakers. Speakers built by fanatics, for fanatics, unhampered by big corporate inertia that typically stifles change and innovation.

Built and warehoused in USA
CDT Audio's world class speaker systems are now being built and warehoused in both Europe and the USA for speedy shipping and service no matter where you are. The important Asia market is serviced by our marketing office and factory in California. CDT Audio currently has a three tiered product lineup. The budget priced "CL" or "Classic Series", the middle priced "HD" or "High Definition Series", and the flagship, the "ES" or "Eurosport Series". All three series are designed for outstandingly neutral, natural, and pure sound, but always with incredible inner detail and dynamic range. CDT Audio has consistently been voted the "world's finest" by hifi magazines all over the globe. Click Here for Test Reviews >>.

CDT Audio designs available only by the most dedicated distributors and dealers of the world
A product this special requires special distribution. For this reason CDT Audio goods are only handled by the worlds most dedicated distributors and dealers. CDT Audio goods may be a little harder to find than the mass market brands for this reason. If you like, just send us an email with your location and we'll direct you to the appropriate people. If need be, we will be pleased to assist you factory direct. With this unique approach both skilled professionals and gifted amateurs can obtain superior sound system solutions in kit form. CDT Audio is a dedicated "audiophile only company" and does not participate in or service the mainstream "Boom-Boom" car audio market. CDT Audio products are marketed and sold on "word of mouth" not on massive marketing budgets. Our philosophy is to reproduce music with a minimum of fuss and hassle...and a maximum of musical purity. Our bottom line is genuine design and engineering = true high fidelity performance and maximum smiles.






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