Introducing CDT Audio’s newest systems at 2 ohms impedance. Many advantages over the more common coaxial and component speaker designs.

More Power from Your Amp!

Why 2 Ohms? Ohm's law proves that when you reduce your resistance (impedance) by 1/2 you can double your amplifiers output (wattage). Imagine the implications. Since most car sound systems are built around a speaker impedance of 4 ohms, a CDT 2 ohms system means you can buy a 30 watt per ch amplifier (rated at 4 Ohms) and get 60 watts per channel!

Here is another way you can look at it
Say you were thinking about buying a small amp because your system needs a little more power. Instead - upgrade to a CDT 2 ohms system. You'll double your available power, and you'll get a tremendous speaker upgrade as well. It's like 2 upgrades for the price of one!

Using a 2 ohm woofer instead of 4 ohm has many advantages and benefits

  • Because woofers draw plenty of power, using it as a 2 ohm woofer can be justified because it delivers more power. 
  • The lower ohm load on the woofer tapers the crossover, yielding richer sound and a more gradual response, really helpful in many cases.
  • Vehicle’s stock sound systems are often 2 ohm speakers.
  • Using 2 ohm drivers is also a great way to improve overall system sound quality.
  • Using 2 ohm drivers may also give you a warmer, richer sound that will be very noticeable in many installations. 

2 ohm advantages summary
•   Additional power
•   Warmer, richer sound
•   Smoother crossover 
•   More impact and authority to the performance

Important Notes

Be aware that your car amp should be 2 ohm stable so it is compatible (most amps in the market now are)

But keep this tip in mind: most of the time the impedance at the amp with wiring and dynamic effects is actually higher than two ohms anyway so even most old four ohm amp designs will drive it. 

Also know this: when you are running your music, the impedance curve is all over  the frequency curve. It’s never a fixed, stable impedance curve to the amp.

Start your 2 ohm experience by giving our 2-ohm drivers a try. 
Set up a system with our 2-ohm drivers and give it a real good listen. 
We can tell you from the results we’ve seen with dealers and customers, you will hear all the advantages we’ve described above. 

The old days of unstable amp designs are a thing of the past. Also gone are the days where car manufacturers mostly use 4 ohm speakers in their stock systems. Now they use 2 ohm drivers, so using our 2 ohm CDT drivers is a good effective way to dramatically improve your sound system. 


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