ES-6EXM.2 ( 2-ohm version)

ES-6 audiophile woofer w/1” Modular tweeter. 6 dB crossover.

Available in 4 different Sound Flavors!

This exciting new ES-Series coaxial model due to new manufacturing techniques and efficiencies are available at incredibly low prices. Yet, typical of CDT Audio, the quality has not been compromised at all!

Introducing Superior Audiophile ES-6EXM Modular 6.7" Modular Cast Coaxial Speaker

Experience a coaxial speaker with response way beyond any other 6.5" in the market. This is the easiest audiophile quick drop in installation audiophile coax speaker set in the market.

CDT introduces a true audiophile 6.7” coax speaker with option to chose sound flavor 4 different tweeter sound flavor options for your vehicle quick and easy installation. Finally a coax speaker that competes with the ultra top high-end component systems.

Suitable for enclosed or free air use in your vehicle, these drivers provide full, rich, smooth sound never heard of from a 6.7" coaxial woofer and tweeter before.

If you’re listening tastes are for smooth sound with superior highs-bass response in smaller spaces these drivers provide optimum value and minimized installation cost.

Designed and built to deliver accurate and natural sound performance never heard before from an easy to install 6.7" component coaxial system.


6.7" Modular 2-way  audiophile coaxial speaker system

Technical specs and contents
  • 1 pr ES-6 6.7” Mix Kevlar fiberglass Mid-woofer
  • 1 pr Built-in 1” tweeter w/ option to chose tweeter sound flavor
  • Tweeter mounted on coax center post
  • Built-in 6dB Crossover.
  • Frequency response 50Hz-21.000Hz (40Hz-20.000Hz in ported enclosure)
  • Power handling: 200 Watt RMS HPF 100Hz
  • Impedance 2 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 91.5dB
  • Tweeter protrude ¼”

Price (incl. warranty)

Price: $299.99

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