CDT Audio Advanced Micro Processor Class-D Audiophile Sound Quality Amplifiers

CDT Audio Proudly presents a line of Advanced Class-D Sound Quality Audiophile amplifiers.

The ACD line amplifiers adhere to the most stringent engineering principles to bring you an unparalleled listening experience in the automotive environment. ACD-Series offer a very flexible multi-use amplifier. Guaranteed underrated values and a detailed power specification for each model. Power values are typically much higher than rated.

ACD-Series Advanced Class-D amplifiers feature four-layer PCB lead-free Microprocessor controlled
intelligent lighting behavior for status. Advanced Class-D design with Thermal Rollback.
Over voltage Points 15.6V. Over volt Protection. Advanced Class-D design with built-in Microprocessor.

CDT Audio amplifiers have evolved over decades to include those components and
design features which provide optimal performance and virtually eliminate problems. No money has been wasted on building in features that make no difference to performance or reliability.
On the other hand, every conceivable problem has been anticipated, and protection, to the degree it is feasible, has been included in CDT ACD-Series amplifier. This represents a best-of-breed philosophy in the industry.

DSP 4.8 Amplified Digital Signal processor

1 channel

DSP 4.8 Amplified Digital Signal processor

1 channel

DSP 4.8 Amplified Digital Signal processor

4 channel

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