The HD-690COM
Astonishing Dimensionality - Fast, Clean Transients - No Listening Fatigue - Remarkable Up-Front Soundstage

The HD-690COM 6X9” Component Set is designed and built for the unique demands of the car audio environment. They are built to deliver the truest, in-car sound possible, the most accurate and natural performance ever-the type of performance that has earned our design team countless awards and unanimous praise from around the world. Smooth and accurate highs.

The HD-100 1.1” soft dome tweeters combine to deliver superb detail and incredible clarity. The 6X9” woofer is smooth with a fast deep clean sound into the lowest bass frequencies. Combined with the superior EX-540 Elliptic 24dB crossover makes this set a sound performing 6X9” component set audiophile listeners praise over and over.


3- way component set

Technical specs and contents

  • 1 pr 6X9” carbon fiber woofer
  • 1 pr 1.1” silk dome tweeter
  • 1 pr EX-540 Elliptic 24dB xover
  • Frequency response: 30Hz-20.000Hz
  • Power handling: 200WRMS
  • Impedance: 4 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 90.7dB
  • Dimensions:6.625”X 9.25”
  • Ellipse(168.3mm X 235mm)
  • Ellipse(Exclusive of mounting tabs) 6” X 8.625”
  • Ellipse (152.4mm X 219mm)
  • Ellipse Free Air use mount in rear deck

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